11th May 2023

Beginner's Guide to Buying Dining Room Furniture

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The dining room is the centre of any home. It's more than where we eat. It's where we exchange stories about our day and celebrate holidays with our loved ones. It's where memories are formed. When we're building our home, it's vital to consider how our dining room furniture shapes how we use the space.


From chairs to tables to ornaments, your choice of dining room furniture determines the room's character. It's a crucial part of dining room design. But you also need to consider your aesthetic and how your dining room furniture will pair with your accessories, table adornments, and even the room itself.


In this beginner's guide, we'll delve into the details of buying dining room furniture, helping you build a room where memories will be made.


Types of Dining Room Furniture


Unlike other rooms, there's a standard set of dining room furniture we always expect. But, with different styles, materials, and functional features, deciding which type is right for your dining room design is essential.


Here are the common types of dining room furniture:


Dining Tables


No dining room is complete without the dining table in place. Dining tables are perhaps the most functional item in your dining room, being dictated by the needs of your home.


You'll typically find dining tables come in three-seater, five-seater, seven-seater, and nine-seater sizes. Although some dining tables are foldable or extendable, meaning you can create extra places for guests during special occasions.



HM Nov Otway Dining table

Dining Chairs


Choosing a comfortable yet attractive chair can make or break a dining room. We've all sat on hard, uncomfortable chairs that ruin the dining experience. After all, it's hard to appreciate a beautiful dining room when you're uncomfortable.


Look for chairs with proper posture and back support. Some dining chairs also come with arm supports – though this is uncommon.


You'll want your dining chairs to match your dining table. It could mean the same style, material, or just a general aesthetic feel.


Bar Stools


Depending on your dining room layout, you may opt to include bar stools – at a breakfast bar or a raised dining table. Bar stools rarely have the back support of dining chairs, as they're intended for quick meals and drinks.


Think about comfort and matching the barstool to the rest of your dining room design. You'll also need to consider whether you want your bar stools to be cushioned or not – depending on how long they will be used.


LEV02 1  


Sideboards & Buffets


Entering a dining room with little more than a table and chairs can seem a little bare. With a sideboard or buffet table, you add decoration and create space to layout food during buffets or special occasions.


There's another key benefit to sideboards: storage. Table mats, plates, glasses, and more can all be stored in the sideboard's cupboards, keeping your room clean and tidy. With most homeowners always struggling for storage in the kitchen, it's an ingenious way to create space.


Dining Sets


While there's nothing wrong with pairing a dining table and dining chairs from different sets, we recommend dining sets to achieve a cohesive dining room design. Here, you'll find a table and chairs designed with a similar style in mind.


It's also helpful for first-time buyers. Finding assorted dining room furniture that matches is never an easy task. With a dining set, you remove all the hassle, transforming your dining room instantly. It's also a brilliant way to start thinking about your dining room design.


Choosing the Right Dining Table Shape


You can debate whether you want an oak, maple, mango wood, marble-look, or glass dining table – the critical question is what shape should it be?


There are two options:

-        Round dining tables

-        Rectangular dining tables


Both have their charms and benefits. First, the practicalities: rectangular tables have pointed corners, a potential hazard for young children. Even adults can bruise a hip or thigh against a rectangular table.


On the other hand, rectangular tables are more convenient. You can push them into corners or against a wall to take up less space. However, round tables do fit more snugly into smaller rooms.


Aesthetically, round tables catch your eye. They're the ultimate centrepiece for a room, even if they lack the grandeur of a rectangular table. It's all a matter of taste.


Of course, there are other factors, like leg room, getting the squeezed in seat, and fitting in uneven numbers. What you choose will depend wholly on your requirements.


Dining Room Design


Dining room design is more than furniture. The adornments, decorations, and general feel create a real sense of space. Here are some top tips to consider:


  1. Fit the room. An old country cottage isn't going to suit modern Scandinavian chic. Think about your room – the canvas – and match your furniture and decorations to your starting aesthetic. Don't swim against the tide.
  2. Lift the room with a rug. Rugs can add a pop of colour or elegance to a dining room. Under your table, they'll not only lift the room but act as a backdrop to the table itself.
  3. Pick a style. Being eclectic is excellent if you've got an eye for design. Just be careful. It's far better to pick an overarching style – be it modern, contemporary, or romantic – than create a room without a cohesive feel.
  4. Add pictures. Pictures liven up a room and add character to the walls. It can be family photos, beautiful paintings, or even old drawings you fell in love with. Let your pictures complement the room.
  5. Freshen with flowers. Nothing livens a room than a vase of fresh flowers on a dining table. It's simple yet elegant. Pick seasonal flowers for a grounded feel.


Key Takeaways


Let's recap:

-        Think about the main pieces of dining room furniture you want to include. Go beyond a table and chairs – a sideboard, for instance, can add decoration and storage.


-        Rounded vs rectangular. What you pick will depend on your social life, room size and shape, and if you've got children.


-        When crafting a dining room design, don't forget the basics: find a cohesive style, use decorations like rugs and pictures, and freshen with cut flowers.



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